Muslim Peshmerges praying in the field, Herbijin!

earlier this morning (kurdistan time), rojhelati peshmerga forces (the kdp-i) were sent to the frontline to protect kurdistan.
i am vehemently proud of my people.
Staying in mountains, and dying of thirst and hunger


The Kurds of Shengal had to escape from town, staying out in the open and on slopes of the mountains after ISIS arrived and took over their homes.
At least 60 people (mostly children and elders) have died of thirst and hunger, and 500 if not more people have been slaughtered by ISIS in the name…


There is a damn war going on in Kurdistan, and it has 0 media coverage or support. As much as I love and support the people of Gaza, this is just unfair and not right! We are excluded by every country and nation around us, and as if that’s not enough, many people of our (main) religion hate us.They hate us for simply being Kurds (which btw is strictly fobidden in islam).In a very short amount of time thousands of Yazidi kurds are killed, and yet WE are accused of being nationalists for standing up for justice. 
And for all ISIS supporters, this is a picture of a poor 9 year old in the hands of an ISIS member. Does she look happy? Does she look safe? ISIS is raping, slaughtering, selling women, and burning down towns and cities of everyone who has a different view of life, or who doesn’t agree with their ideology in the name of “Islam”. And I don’t know how anyone (especially muslims) would agree on what these animals are doing.
My people, my family, my home is in danger, and there’s NOTHING I can do other than have faith and pray that the terrorists will be chased away and for my people to be safe.And to the people; who are supporting ISIS, who have looked down on me for being a Kurd, and who is silent about this all.. Here is a big “Fuck you” to you all.


*complains about being tired* * doesn’t sleep until 3am*


While we sit at home, former Peshmerga fighters grab to their weapons and are willing to give their lives for the defense of Kurdistan.



How you treat your prisoners in war shows their morality and character. Here Kurdish Peshmergas with an ISIS prisoner.